Photos of activities & work- well done all

Liam and Aoibhinn Murphy sent this really interesting photo saying ' This is the base of the windmills when the concrete is dry'. Great job both of you!!

Well done Muireann on making this beautiful dream catcher! What an excellent idea .. we will try one here at home too! Thank you :)

Look at Aoibhínn Cronin's fantastic 'Gregasaurus' (a baby stegasaurus) which Aoibhínn drew by following the Rob Biddulph drawing tutorial we tried this week. Well done Aoibhínn!!! Very impressive :)

The Griffin Family are becoming whizz kids at poker- well done guys and enjoy it. looks super!

Hannah Griffin is doing great work with her sewing machine- she has made some beautiful bags- It is a very good skill to learn- well done Hannah

One of Hannnah's beautiful bags that she has completed- it is beautiful - Well done!

Adam Griffin is looking very organised and in control of the cooking at the BBQ- Super job Adam- You look very professional and very content with that job

Sophia Canny misses her friends at school very much, but is being a wonderful girl and helping out in the garden- well done Sophia!

Sophia Canny recently visited the beautiful fairy garden and had a lovely time there- Great trip Sophia

Noirin enjoying her river walk.

Muireann's acrostic poem for 'Month of Mary'

Well done on your fantastic acrostic poem Muireann and the beautiful drawing of Our Lady too. Perfect for the month of May!

Siun, Lily, Blaithin, Rian and Jack stand tall on Shehy with a spectacular back drop of scenery behind them- Super photo

Lily and her mum take a wonderful selfie on their adventure day to Shehy- Beautiful photo ladies-

Scenery of lakes from top of shehy mountain, with wonderful cloud formations in the sky- lovely photo

Looking into the far off distance from top of Shehy mountain

Great view from Shehy, with windmills far off in the distance if you look closely-

view of the trail on shehy mountain, on the adventure that the Cronin and O' Riordan family went on- fantastic way to spend a day

The Cronin and O' Riordan cousins had the best day on their climbing adventure to Shehy- Fantastic trip

Sophia Canny very happy with the wonderful flower creation she has made- the colours are beautiful Sophia- well done!

Brave adventurers Liam and Aoibhinn Murphy found this wood wasp nest at an old cottage! Great architecture from the wasps and fantastic fun Liam and Aoibhinn!!

Meet Chestnut and Sammy- they live at Siun, Blaition, Rian and Ailbhe's place now. The Cronin family are taking wonderful care of these beautiful animals

The Cronin family welcome two new fantastic additions to their world- what lucky animals Chestnut and Sammy are to have such fantastic young people to mind and care for them-

Fantastic to see Conor having fun outside and practising his football skills! Well done Conor!

Sarah made her very own Forky! Even BETTER than the one on Toy Story 4! I really hope Sarah can show us all how to do this in September!

Look at the beautiful dress Sarah designed for her doll ! Well done Sarah, beautiful! Very creative.

Such great work going on in the O'Shea house! Beautiful colouring and book work Sarah ..Keep up the great work :)

The O'Shea family are cool & chilled and having a superb time in the outdoor paddling pool. Looks like super fun - enjoy the beautiful weather

Beautiful art work by Hannah Griffin- Well done Hannah- It is fantastic- The horse looks like it is moving on the page. It is wonderful art-

Muireann and John have been really creative again making these miniature fairy gardens! Inspirational!

Muireann and John keeping busy and having great fun while baling silage. Gorgeous photo!

John and Muireann Buckley looking very happy on their new seat!

Some of the super crafts, work, art, adventures and activities of our classmates and school mates- well done to all- keep up the super work and keep mailing in some photos for others to view- 
😀 🙂 😎

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24.06 | 18:53

Congratulations to a wonderful 6th class on your graduation today. Wishing you a wonderful start in your new respective schools. From Clare Doyle

20.04 | 13:52

Hello again 1st and 2nd class.. I apologise as I forgot to include Spellbound in your scheme of work. Please aim to do the next unit ( 2 pages) this week. 👍

25.03 | 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret