Art Exhibition at Creedons Hotel

Visit to Art Exhibition at Creedon's Hotel Inchigeela

All pupils at our School were invited to an Art Exhibiton at Creedon's Hotel recently.  We met glass artist Maura Whelan from Kilnamartyra who told us all about her  art work which is inspired by her love of nature. Joe Creedon also had some paintings of his own to show us. Joe loves to paint the local hills. His love of local landscpe inspires him. We had a lovely time at the Exhibition . Thank you Joe and Maura.

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24.06 | 18:53

Congratulations to a wonderful 6th class on your graduation today. Wishing you a wonderful start in your new respective schools. From Clare Doyle

20.04 | 13:52

Hello again 1st and 2nd class.. I apologise as I forgot to include Spellbound in your scheme of work. Please aim to do the next unit ( 2 pages) this week. 👍

25.03 | 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret