To Parents, Guardians & Pupils-


Hi to all-

I hope you all and your families are doing well in our current situation. I appreciate many people are trying to juggle working from home, while caring for children full time and have also worries of relatives, perhaps health concerns and perhaps employment and other concerns. 

The further restrictions that have been brought in this weekend will no doubt further add to the pressures & stress being felt.The Department of Education has announced schools will remain closed until 20th April. 

Please remember, this whole scenario is new for us all.

Schools were told by Department of Education to organise continuity of some work for children. The learning packs were not given to children in order to add stress or make parents feel they now were in a home schooling role, with additional burden of responsibility and obligation to get all learning work completed daily with children. The intended function of these learning packs is to support a routine and familiarity for children, with some familiar activities. The learning packs had plans up till this coming Friday, 3rd April- After that is easter holidays for 2 weeks- no work suggestions as it's holiday time for pupils. 

It is very hard to ensure that this remote work will suit all children and situations, as every child is different, every home situation is different and primary school children are still young and some will find this total change very hard to adjust to. They may have younger and older siblings, home distractions and various other things going on around them. Remember, they also won't have their classmates and the usual school resources and environment, so things will be different- however we manage it. 

Please remember - You ARE doing a super job and you are in the best position as primary care giver and educatior to your child to decide what works best for your child and their wellbeing in our current new reality. You are totally entitled to not engage with these work suggesitons, as it just doesn't fit with your currently reality and that is perfectly fine. This is unchartered water for us all- Wellbeing and health and family life must be prioritiesd at present. School learning and engagement will support this for some, it will be very challenging for others- so do what works best- there are many forms of education. Practical activities, weblinks, games, gardening, nature, outside activities on sunny days, baking, diary entries, art, interests of children, many on-line suggestions etc.. Every child is out of school at present, and when we get back to school, we will all link in to the work there again, in order to minimise current disruption.  

From a school perspective, we will continue to distribute suggested weekly learning schemes for children, as instructed by Dept of Ed, starting after Easter Holidays, should current reality continue. We had planned on sending remaining books home this week, in preparation for potential work after Easter,  but will not do so for now due to new Government restrictions. We will continue to link with books kids already have if those restrictions continue. We will also add other support suggestions to website as things arise. should you wish to contact- 

 Also, if you wish to send any photos of your children and what they are currently doing that they would like their school mates to see, email them and I can start a webpage of photos to keep up links for children-

Sincere good wishes to you all & stay safe & well & mind yourselves- 

Margaret & all staff of Inchigeela NS




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24.06 | 18:53

Congratulations to a wonderful 6th class on your graduation today. Wishing you a wonderful start in your new respective schools. From Clare Doyle

20.04 | 13:52

Hello again 1st and 2nd class.. I apologise as I forgot to include Spellbound in your scheme of work. Please aim to do the next unit ( 2 pages) this week. 👍

25.03 | 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret