Some of the things we are doing at home

Adam Griffin celebrated his birthday on 30th April- Congratulations on becoming a teenager Adam- Hope you had a wonderful birthday- Fantastic cake

Eva Noonan gets ready for her on-line dance class

Aoibhín Cronin had a great time on her cycling trip to the village. Excellent to see her helmet and hi-vis jacket on her. You are a super girl

Conor and Sarah O'Shea, taking a break from a nature walk adventure with their siblings Donal and Ciara. Super photo

Amber Creed has been busy making beautiful butterflies.

The O'Riordans settle down to do their school work. They are given excellent help by their big sister Caoimhe- I'm sure they are excellent students Caoimhe. They are lucky to have such a super big sister also- Great team work O' Riordan fanily

Hannah Griffin has been very busy with her artistic flair and has created some beautiful bags. This is one of them and doesn't it look so pretty. Super job Hannah!

Eva Nonan captured some lovely photos of her family and buried a time capsule . Great work Eva.

Aoibhinn, Saorla and Cal Cronin went on a walk near their house and found an old ruin.

They found some circular patterns in the walls of the house. They phoned their Aunty Nell and she said a man called John Hallissey lived there long ago

Aoibhinn, Cal and Saorla had a super day

Eva Noonan & her sister are both very busy drawing a super esater bunny - Well done girls 3rd April, 2020.

Noonan Sisters Busy at Art- Well done girls- Really creative & focused. Super Job!

Eva's time capsule letter- great idea Eva!

Amber Creed has been busy creating a beautiful picture. WEll done Amber. Super work. Great girl

Amber wrote a beautiful note to Mrs Mc Carthy. Lovely writing & very thoughtful Amber. Very well done

Eva Noonan has been busy reusing left over easter eggs for baking brownies, with her sister and her mum. Great idea and we're sure they tasted delicious.

Beautiful art work creation by Muireann Buckley. Fantastic picture Muireann- Well done.Great girl

Muireann was very creative and focused creating this wonderful piece of art. Art is a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for sharing this lovely work with us Muireann,

Some more wonderful drawings, this time from John Buckley; Senior Infants! Keep up the fantastic work John!

John Buckley :)

Andrew O' Callaghan found a frog while he was outside with his dad. Fantastic photo Andrew.

Jamie O' Callaghan was very happy to also take care of the little frog and mind it very gently. Super work dad and Jamie. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sending it on .

John Buckley drew this super photos on two tractors. Excellent drawing John and well done on the colouring and detail that went into it.

Muireann and John Buckley are busy minding the lovely baby calves on their farm and helping out with feeding and caring for them. Great work and very well done. Really lovely photo. Thanks for sending it on.

Look at Eryn and her gorgeous cat; Sammy!! He is so fluffy! Brilliant pic.Eryn!

Aoibhinn Murphy getting fantastic exercise and having lots of fun in the process!! Well done Aoibhinn!! Keep it up :)

Bláithín Cronin would like to share her fairy cakes recipe with you all- give them a try- they are totally and utterly yum delicious!!!!

Rían Cronin loves playing with his train set- he has loads of fun with it. Well done- It is fantastic- super train set Rían.

Aoibhín Cronin takes a well deserved break after a busy time cycling to the village on a lovely sunny day!

Saorla checks out the nature that is near the wall across from our school- maybe she saw some swans or some ducks, as there are often lots of these around. Good work Saorla!

The Cronin Family have a lovely time on a nature walk to the Island in Inchigeela

The Cronin family, plus guest! take a sunny break from their travels - what a beautiful photo. Well done !

Slime creation and major fun is the order of the day at the Cronin house- Yippi...

Cal Cronin cycles past our school in Inchigeela. You are a mighty cyclist Cal- well done! That was great ful

The Cronin family are very brave and get into water in Loch Allua- They don't think it is even one bit cold!! Super going all of you. Well done

The O'Riordans are really missing all their cousins so much- Hi Cousins- we miss ye -

Jack, Lily, Daniel and Annie have fun in the sun!Enjoy the lovely weather all!Super photo

Muireann and John Buckley on their tractor going to feed silage to the calves! What great helpers :)

Great job Muireann and John!!

Well done Amber.

Amber Creed has been going for walks,making her bed and getting up early and making her own breakfast.

Another one of Hannah's beautiful bags, which she has made in a different size, with beautiful material and added some wonderful detail- Superb work Hannah

A really interesting photo from Liam and Aoibhinn Murphy who said; 'This is the base of a windmill when the concrete is dry.' Well done!!

Photos of some of the activities and work being done by pupils of Inchigeela NS while we cannot make it to school. Hope everyone is doing ok. 
🙂 😉

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24.06 | 18:53

Congratulations to a wonderful 6th class on your graduation today. Wishing you a wonderful start in your new respective schools. From Clare Doyle

20.04 | 13:52

Hello again 1st and 2nd class.. I apologise as I forgot to include Spellbound in your scheme of work. Please aim to do the next unit ( 2 pages) this week. 👍

25.03 | 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret